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Cornea Transplant

Our Services

    Our practice offers comprehensive medical eye exams for routine checkups and acute eye care. Our services include exams for medical screening and surgical procedures as well as eyeglass prescription checks. We also offer a full service optical department.

                              SERVICES PROVIDED




Determination of your eyeglass prescription   



Determination of your contact lens prescription for soft or rigid gas permeable contact lenses



Instillation of eye drops to dilate the pupils for examination of the optic nerve, macula and peripheral retina

Dilated examinations are used in the evaluation of new onset floaters, glaucoma, retinal tears/ detachment and other retinal diseases. It is especially important for patients with high myopia or diabetes and for those on certain high risk medications to receive an annual dilated exam.



Evaluation of loss or change in vision resulting from various ocular or systemic conditions

Causes of sudden changes in vision include but are not limited to retinal detachments, retinal artery or vein occlusions, hemorrhages, acute glaucoma and trauma.



Measurement of intraocular pressure, examination of optic nerves, gonioscopy and visual field testing for the screening, evaluation and/or treatment of glaucoma

This is important to screen all patients for glaucoma since visual loss becomes apparent only late in the disease process. Early detection and treatment of glaucoma is critical to preserving vision.



Dilated retinal exam to detect diabetic retinopathy

All diabetic patients require yearly retinal exams as early changes are asymptomatic. Early detection and treatment can help prevent further visual loss.



Exam for dry or wet macular degeneration

Macular degeneration is the leading cause of visual impairment in the elderly in the U.S. Early detection of wet macular degeneration helps preserve vision by early intervention with anti-angiogenic injections.



Examination to check eye alignment and to verify the need for eyeglasses in nonverbal children

Early detection of visual problems in children is important to prevent permanent visual loss from amblyopia.



Treatment of eye infection, corneal abrasion and ocular trauma and removal of foreign body as needed



Evaluation and treatment of the various sources of dry eyes

An individualized approach is taken in the treatment of dry eyes including topical therapy, punctal occlusion, supplementation and prescription medication as needed.



Removal of cataracts with intraocular lens implantation

Our practice uses the most advanced technology for intraocular lens measurements. Cataract surgeries are performed utilizing a small incision, no-stitch phacoemulsification technique with the option of additional laser treatment. We are certified in the implantation of the newer generation multifocal lenses. Secondary cataracts are treated with in office YAG laser therapy.



Evaluation and excision/ biopsy of eyelid lesions

Suspicious eyelid lesions are removed and biopsied. Chalazia are incised and drained as needed.



Evaluation and removal of pterygia and other growths

Sutureless pterygium removal can be done with the application of amniodry graft membranes.



Our optical department offers the latest lens materials and a wide array of designer frames. Lens materials include standard plastic, polycarbonate and high index lenses. We supply the most advanced anti-reflective coatings to minimize glare and reflection from light reflecting surfaces and computer monitors. In addition, we carry all progressive and transition lenses to meet your individualized vision needs. For our contact lens wearers, we supply all soft contact lenses and rigid gas permeable contacts.

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